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~ Accepting Bids for Mowing Services 2021

~ Brine Surplus Bid

~ Preliminary 2021 Budget Hearing Notice

~ Legal Notice of Public Hearing on the 2021 Budget for the South Dayton Fire District

~ According to NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 1219 you are prohibited from plowing, pushing, or otherwise depositing snow across or onto the highway.   We have recently seen an increase of violators regarding this issue.  Violators will be ticketed.

Town of Villenova Local Law #5 of 1994 Entitled “Parking Limitations” states, NO vehicle shall be parked on any road, street or highway right of way in the Town of Villenova between November 1st and May 1st of each year.  

Clerk's Hours:

Monday - Thursday 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
CLOSED on all legal holidays

Town of Villenova Projects

Ball Hill Wind Energy Project